About BH Enterprises

Ben Humphreys, owner of BH Enterprises, is a software developer and accountant based in Jacksonville, Florida. His past projects have included many online tax related applications including helping 120,000 Americans procrastinate on their tax returns by electronically filing a tax extension online.

Other past projects include an application to retrieve past tax returns instantly from the IRS, an application to apply for and immediately deliver Employer ID Numbers for new businesses, and a command line trader for Interactive Brokers.

Ben is currently working on command line interfaces , spreadsheet integration, and custom app development for QuickBooks Online.

As a blind entrepreneur, Ben is keen on automating as much of the accounting process as possible. He is an ideal trainer for anyone with a visual impairment such as those using screen readers like JAWS or NVDA.

To find out more, you may contact him at brh@bhent.com or call (904) 430-5887.

Ben Humphreys is a software developer and accountant based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
He can be reached AT (904) 430-5887 or e-mailed at brh@bhent.com.

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