cliqo - command line for QuickBooks Online

What is cliqo?

cliqo is a command line program and service for QuickBooks Online. With it, you can:

  • Retrieve reports like Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Add, modify, list, and delete accounts from the chart of accounts
  • Add, modify, delete, and list customers and vendors
  • Add and update invoices and vendor bills
  • Add and query time entries
  • And much more

cliqo is ideal for businesses wishing to integrate their own transactions with QuickBooks Online without code. It is especially well suited to real-time and batch processing. Command line versions are planned for both Windows and Linux.

cliqo is currently under development.

Ben Humphreys is a software developer and accountant based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
He can be reached AT (904) 430-5887 or e-mailed at

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