cliqo is a command line (CLI) program for QuickBooks Online. With it, you can:

Features and Benefits

  1. Create and update QuickBooks records like customers, invoices, vendors, and bills

  2. Delete, void, inactivate, or (re) activate QuickBooks records

  3. Get all information for a specific record

  4. List all records in a tabular form using a SQL like select syntax

  5. Print (download a PDF) for certain records including bill, credit memo, estimate, invoice, purchase order, refund receipt, sales receipt, and vendor credit

  6. Supported records are:

    • Accounts

    • Bills

    • Credit memos

    • Customers

    • Employees

    • Estimates

    • Invoices

    • Journal entries

    • Payments

    • Purchase orders

    • Refund receipts

    • Sales receipts

    • Time activity entries

    • Transfers

    • Vendors

    • Vendor credits

  7. Run 22 standard QuickBooks reports - see Standard Reports below

  8. Supported output formats include CSV, JSON, and TSV for easy read/paste into spreadsheets or for further processing

  9. Output to console, redirect to file, or send to clipboard for easy pasting into Excel or Google Sheets

  10. cliqo is available for both Windows and Linux

Standard Reports

cliqo can generate these reports in text, CSV, or TSV format:

  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit And Loss

  • Profit And Loss Detail

  • Trial Balance

  • Cash Flow

  • Inventory Valuation*

  • Customer Sales

  • Item Sales

  • Department Sales

  • Class Sales

  • Customer Income

  • Customer Balance

  • Customer Balance Detail

  • Aged Receivables

  • Aged Receivable Detail

  • Vendor Balance

  • Vendor Balance Detail

  • Aged Payables

  • Aged Payable Detail

  • Vendor Expenses

  • General Ledger Detail

  • Tax Summary

Start Your Free Trial Today

cliqo is free for one month and just $30/month thereafter*.

* for up to 5 connected QuickBooks companies.

Getting Started

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the downloads page to obtain cliqo for your operating system

  2. Extract the cliqo executable from the zip file

  3. Run "./cliqo quickstart" to authorize access to your QuickBooks Online company

  4. Once authorized, you can use any of the other commands:

    • Example 1: ./cliqo get customer 1

    • Example 2: ./cliqo select vendor

    • Example 3: ./cliqo select invoice --max 5

    • Example 4: ./cliqo print invoice 103 invoice_103.pdf

    • Example 5: ./cliqo report ar"

  5. for more usage help, run "cliqo -h" or see the full cliqo documentation