7. Change Log

Version 0.81

  • Change to verb-noun syntax, in order to be more consistent with PowerShell, git, etc.

  • i.e. was: cliqo customer list

  • Now: cliqo list customer

Version 0.76

  • Added edit command to update any entity

Version 0.75 * Added delete command * Added activate and inactivate commands * Added print command

Version 0.70

  • Add “report” command and 23 reports with optional start and end dates

  • Add –format=json

  • Automatically refresh Intuit authorization if last run > 60 minutes ago

  • Add “new” command (experimental)

  • Change command “company info” to “company userinfo”

  • Show “Not yet implemented” for commands: delete, inactivate, print, skeleton, void

Version 0.63

  • Add global configuration “fields” which can be “all” for all fields or “essential” for minimal fields; used with list and view commands

Version 0.59

  • Implement “company info” command

Version 0.57

  • Documentation in progress


  • Implemented supported formats: TSV and CSV


  • Added Linux binaries


  • Initial release