Accessible Custom Apps for QuickBooks Online

I've been building custom accounting and tax applications for nearly 30 years and currently enjoy building apps relating to QuickBooks Online, such as:

  • Synchronizing customers, invoices, vendors, bills, inventory, or other accounting data with your existing applications
  • Automating work flows such as billing or payments
  • Custom reports delivered to your specifications
  • Automatically exporting accounting data to on-premises or other cloud applications
  • Integration with your accounting client management solution
  • And much more

Accessible Training for QuickBooks Online

As a formerly sighted accountant and a screen-reder user for 10 years now, I feel I am uniquely qualified to assist business owners, accounting professionals, and other business users in using accounting software with a screen reader. I am a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and software developer, so chances are good we can figure a way to do most things with QuickBooks Online together.

Accessible Training for Cash Manager

Prior to breaking through accessibility barriers with QuickBooks Online, I used Cash Manager by Accomplish for my own business needs. While the desktop version of this software is now somewhat dated, and does not offer the bank feeds more typical of a modern accounting application, it is highly accessible out of the box without scripts or extensive training.

Ben Humphreys is a software developer and accountant based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
He can be reached AT (904) 430-5887 or e-mailed at

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